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Science today points toward the existence of a collective field of subtle energy, that emanates from us individually. With our collective low awareness of this energy we are therefore also unaware that the energy we hold contributes towards the frequency of our planet. According to the Hawkin’s Scale, collectively, we are currently vibrating at around 200 – 250, i.e. “getting by”. We aren’t in flow, nor thriving. In order to take the next evolutionary step as human kind and to exist in harmony with the planet and all sentient beings, we should strive to elevate the collective frequency above 500. 

This is where “The Infinity Life” comes in, we are a grass roots movement helping the collective to raise its frequency, one person at the time, by simply raising our individual frequencies. And you don’t have to have magic powers to do it. Click the button above or here to find out more

The Infinity Life - Raise Your Frequency


We strive to train as many people as humanly possible to raise their vibration, so that they, turn can train others to do the same.


Since you are here, you are looking to be part of the solution. Your part is to heal your core wounds, clear your energy and show up as a role model in your communities and share your skills.


For many of us, helping to heal humanity is the calling we've answered. We are sure you resonate with this as well, but if you just want to do your bit, we welcome you with open arms


Our facilitator training programme is unique in that we don't expect you to go out to build up your own business. You also continue to enjoy the full support of all the facilitators and the super high level of frequency this collective has acheived.


We help you with marketing, sales, facilitation, etc. so that you can focus on the work. As an independent contractor you take care of your clients and we charge a fee (only when you have paying clients) to support the back office work.


Our work is transparent and we understand our limitations. We take a holistic approach to healing and there is not a "one-size-fits-all" modality, and we happily work with the breadth of modalities that are out there today.