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Affiliate Marketing with The Infinity Life

Affiliate marketing
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Our goal of raising humanity’s frequency above 500 Hz on average, from the ~200 Hz where we are today, is audacious. With any moon shot like that, you need to mobilise support on all fronts. Since our primary objective is raising the frequency we are very generous in our distribution of affiliate commission at 20% and after the 15% administration fee the rest goes to the trainer. If your goals align with ours, please apply now, without delay.

With our affiliate program you:

  • Receive high affiliate commission, 20% 
  • Become part of the solution to humanity’s main challenge
  • Access to an advanced Affiliate dashboard where you track your referrals and earnings as well as gaining access to graphics and visuals for your promotions, your affiliate link, QR code, and more
  • Join a network of people eager to enact change in the world for the highest good of humanity

You have nothing to lose, all to gain. Submit your application today!