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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

The Course

No, anyone can learn this method. The primary philosophy with The Infinity Life is to allow the individual to make the change for themselves and then allow that change to be paid forward.

Not at all, you take from it what you like. If you want to view the meditations visualisations only without any context, that does not diminish the tools and practices and the individual outcome. This course can be a life changing method that can be used by anyone.

Yes, at the beginning it would be preferable to not have a “full house” of trainees under you. The maximum number of trainees for any new start date is 12 per trainer with one spot being reserved for a trainee accepted under the “Financial Assistance” programme. This is because as a trainer you will have to have one-one-one sessions with each trainee during the first week for the initial evaluation and clearings, also you will need to give your trainees personal support throughout their 8 weeklong journeys. You can, however, start new cohorts every other week, more often than that wouldn’t be advisable.

Yes, it is recommended that you start your first trainee cohort with few people or collaborate with another trainer to run your cohorts together. In this scenario you trainers will be supporting each other and take over if one of you cannot be present to help when needed, then your companion trainer can take over for those periods. Remember that one place in every cohort that you start will be reserved for a “Financial Assistance” trainee.

This is a lifelong practice that can help enrich your life at every level. The 8 weeks is really a reference as to when you can first try to qualify as a trainer yourself and the duration that you will have active trainer engagement. Sometimes it will take more than 8 weeks to qualify, but rarely less than 8 weeks. You can continue to do partner practices with other trainees in the Telegram group.

We do not offer any warranties or guarantees. However, judging from experience, your commitment and effort will be commensurate with your likelihood for success.

The Business

Absolutely. Assuming you become certified to teach the programme, you can develop your trainer outreach as a fulltime or parttime occupation. However, you choose if you want to incorporate the programme into your existing practice, or if you want to train others in The Infinity Life programme only or perhaps just take your training to establish a practice for yourself personally.

No, as a qualified trainer, you will operate as an independent contractor, and you are responsible for meeting your own responsibilities to your trainees, government, etc. You should consult professionals in your market and jurisdiction to make sure you can meet the demands put on you as a self employed person.

The infinity Life works hard to market the concept through advertising, publicity, speaking engagements, affiliates, etc. Even though we cannot guarantee that we provide any cohorts for you as a trainer, it is our intention to provide as many trainers who need it with trainees in a timely fashion. It is always advisable for you to recruit your own cohorts as you retain the 20% referral fee for yourself.

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